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Solace in the Solstice

Taken over by Emjae Bernardino and Will Sumerlin in 2023, we aim to construct a new meaning of 'Equinox' and bring you something special and genuine.

About Equinox Coffee Co.

Equinox Coffee Company is a family owned & operated coffee shop & workspace located in Norfolk, Virginia. Our goal is to provide the best drinks and the best experience for our community. We are passionate about creating a space that fosters authenticity and brings people together. Come stop by and experience the unmatched and unseen energy and creativity that we breed.

fall menu + syrup menu.png

With an ever-evolving mind comes an ever-changing menu. Whether it be seasonal or spur of the moment, we aim to pour our creativity into every outlet, including our caffeine concoctions. Come by the shop and check in for the most accurate depiction of what we're cooking up for you.

The 'nox Boys

The faces you see. Say what's up.

Contact Us


2800 Colley Ave, Norfolk, Virginia, 23508


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Open Hours

Mon - Fri


7:00 am – 3:00 pm

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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