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Equinox Coffee Co., is based in Norfolk, VA, the cultural heart of the coastal Hampton Roads area. Founded in 2017, our focus is to combine our passion for the best coffee with our passion to build community, locally and globally.  It is our belief that many of life's best moments, whether in conversation or contemplation, are often accompanied with a cup of coffee or tea, and at Equinox, we aim to inspire and provide these moments.


Whether it be serving the best, organically grown and ethically sourced coffee, to artisan roasting methods or connecting people and communities all over the world; Equinox Coffee Co. strives to maintain a conscious vision of the interconnectedness of humanity in everything we do.  Our mission is to share our passion with our ever expanding community and inspire others to do the same. 


Highest Ideals

At Equinox, we strive to maintain a high standard of taste and quality in our coffee, espresso, teas, and baked specialties.  Sustainably farmed, organic and fairly traded coffee is of primary importance to us in our mission.  Furthermore, our tea and herb selections are sourced from estates and farms who also practice sustainable and organic methods of agriculture.  Our commitment to sustainability stems from our gratitude and respect for the planet with a desire to live and grow harmoniously with the seasons.    


Our focus on quality extends into our service and pushes us to continually build our knowledge while staying creative in our approach and menu. With a steady rotation of single origin coffees and blends, offered in a variety of brewing techniques, we appreciate the varied qualities of the different growing regions.   



With the first written record of coffee in history coming from Ethiopia, coffee has connected humanity for thousands of years.  For many parts of the world, coffee holds a cultural significance, for others it is a sunrise companion.  At Equinox, we honor the rich heritage of coffee and show gratitude to all the small farmers and roasters who have continued to preserve and propagate such a gift.   

Our commitment to making connections locally and globally leads us in our commitment to ethically sourced coffee which elevates the standard of living for coffee producing communities throughout the world by paying farmers a fair price per pound for beans.  The increased income for small farmers in rural areas of underdeveloped countries allows them to care for their land ecology, set up wells for clean drinking water, or send their children to school;  A small price to pay for something that gives so much enrichment to the lives of millions

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