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Coffee Classes @ Equinox!

We will be offering COFFEE CLASSES after hours for groups of 4-8 people. We will start with a short lesson in coffee - all about coffee beans, sourcing, and more. Then we will demonstrate how to make a drink behind the bar and finish by letting you make your own drink to enjoy! Each class will feature a "Drink of the Month" that you will get to make. Each person will measure their espresso, pull a shot, steam their milk (or make it iced), and try their hand at beautiful latte art! Drink it here or take it to go, but enjoy your afternoon with us at Equinox!

Price: $25/person. We will send a link for payment once your spot is confirmed.

Join the List!

Please fill out the form with your name and email so we can send you more information!

We'll be in touch soon!
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